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The Quality of pearls is rated according to size, shape, nacre thickness, surface, color and luster.

Shape plays a major role in determining the price of pearls. Round is generally been considered the most valuable shape for pearls.

Round Shape : So symmetrical that the pearl would roll in a straight line on a flat inclined surface


  Semi Round Shape : Slightly flattened or ovalish.    
  Semi Baroque Shape : Obviously not round. Pear, drop, egg, and button shapes are examples    
  . Baroque Shape : Very distorted and irregular in shape    

Luster is probably the best expression of pearls beauty. Luster dose not simply mean a shiny surface: it implys the structural beauty of the nacre.

Nacre Thickness
Nacre thickness is more than the amount of nacre; it has other meaningfull aspects as well. The structure of nacre is composed thousands of layers of thin Calcium Carbonate crystals. This nacre structure inflences the color, luster, durability and elasticity of the pearl.

All the factors that disturb the surface smoothness of the pearl and hence decide its appearence are called blemishes. The value of the pearl is greatly affected by these blemishes. Generally the degree of blemish is divided into clean, light spot, medium spot and heavy spot according to number, size, kind and location of the blemish. Blemishes are divided into two kinds, Natural and Artificial. Natural Blemish is formed during pearl cultivation. Artificial blemish, on the other hand, is mainly the result of processing.

Quality Matching
For necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc., quality matching is as important as individual pearl quality. No matter how good the quality of each pearl may be, if matching is poor the value of the merchandise decreaes dramatically.

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